Practice Financing Part 1: Loans and Credit Cards

September 28, 2020

In this episode of Perspectives, hear about how physicians can establish new practices or finance existing ones with loans, as well as how and when to implement business cards in your practice, from Banker's Healthcare Group's CMO, Chris Panebianco.

Practice Administration Stability and Key Determinants of Success

September 14, 2020

Sachin Gupta, CEO of IKS Health, discusses how independent practices can remain administratively stable during the pandemic and after, as well as provides the key determinants of success for new and growing practices.

Cybersecurity breach reports low during the pandemic

September 07, 2020

A new report from CI Security suggests cybersecurity breaches were lower during healthcare's rapid transition to virtual care throughout the pandemic. In this episode of Perspectives, we look at why this might be and other aspects of their report with CI Security's Healthcare Executive Strategist, Drex DeFord.

Regulatory Updates and New Claim Threats Stemming from the Pandemic

August 31, 2020

A brief overview of some of the key regulatory updates enacted during the pandemic, as well as new claim threats that physicians may face in the near future.

Improving Collections with Empathy

August 18, 2020

Careful communications can help improve your collection methods and decrease time between service and payment.

Solving the Prior Authorization Problem through Tech

March 07, 2018

The Healthcare Administrative Technology Association talks to us at HIMSS18 about familiar pain points for practices.

Analyzing Budget Act's Impact on MACRA

February 15, 2018

The Budget Act that passed Congress recently included "small changes" to MACRA with the potential to make a big difference, says one expert.

AMA Pres: MACRA Has Been Made Favorable for Small Practices

January 26, 2018

In this podcast, AMA President David O. Barbe, MD talks about the accommodations that CMS has made towards small practices in MACRA.

When Physicians are Owners AND Employees

January 04, 2018

The professional model of medicine is trying to reach a sweet spot, allowing physicians to remain independent but maximize the power of a larger organization.

Hard to Assess Year One of MACRA, Says Expert

November 24, 2017

Due to the "pick your pace" flexibility for year one of the Medicare Quality Payment Program, one expert says it's hard to evaluate how physicians did.

A Physician's Case for Choosing the Lone Star State

October 19, 2017

Texas was one of the five Best States to Practice. Dr. Carlos Cardenas talks to us about what makes it so friendly to physicians.

Predicting the Impact of Price's Departure at HHS

October 04, 2017

The MGMA’s Anders Gilberg discusses the impact of Tom Price resigning his post at HHS.

YouTube: A New Method of Medical Practice Marketing

September 19, 2017

Stephen Jones, MD, isn't looking to make a name for himself in comedy, he's looking to get patients in the door for their well visits.

Finding the True Meaning of Value in Healthcare

August 24, 2017

In her book, Halee Fischer-Wright says there has been misguided efforts to define value in healthcare and it needs to be re-examined.

Analyzing the Art, Science, and Business of Medicine

August 03, 2017

A new book from Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, CEO of MGMA, examines how we need to strike a balance between the three major elements of medicine.

A Doc, Health IT Exec Discuss Tech's Standing in Healthcare

July 20, 2017

An independent physician and a health IT executive join the podcast to talk about the current landscape of technology in medicine.

EHRs Not Designed with Real People in Mind, Expert Opines

June 29, 2017

Dr. Robert Wachter wrote the book on the failings of health IT and the effect these systems have on patient safety. He joined us for the Pearls podcast.

Pediatrics an Emerging Market for Telemedicine

June 07, 2017

The telemedicine phenomenon is growing, especially in pediatrics. This podcast looks at why the specialty is an ideal landing spot for the technology.

PAs Taking the Modern Medical Practice by Storm

May 18, 2017

The PA profession has seen tremendous growth in the last six years. There are multiple reasons for its increased popularity.

Amid ACA Uncertainty, Value-based Care Will Survive

April 06, 2017

No one can accurately predict what will happen with the ACA, but that doesn't mean physicians can't chart a path forward.