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medical billing and collections, revenue cycle management, claims, reimbursement
Why getting claims right the first time is cheaper than reworking them

September 9th 2019

Medical practices continue to be squeezed by increasing costs and decreasing reimbursement, emphasizing the need for better clinical coding and editing technology that can improve claims even before they’re submitted.

medical billing and collections, revenue cycle management, physician practice
Tackling the biggest problems with your billing

September 4th 2019

medical claim, claim, denials, revenue cycle management, finance
The leading causes of denials and how to prevent them

May 9th 2019

medical billing, collections, billing and collections, policies, patients
5 keys to collecting patient responsibility upfront

May 6th 2019

KPI, revenue, AR, accounts receivable, bill lag, denied claims, prior auths
5 ways to use KPIs to increase your revenue

November 12th 2018

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