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Five ways physicians can minimize interruptions


Interruptions are a chief impediment for doctors and medical office staff when it comes to getting things done. Here's how to deal with them.

Interruptions occur all day, but over the past few years, have you found yourself being interrupted with greater frequency?

We’ve all experienced it. Interruptions are now the chief impediment for doctors and medical office staff when it comes to getting things done. Worse still, interruptions are on the rise!

While some people are hired specifically to deal with interruptions –– receptionists come to mind –– most other people have more control over their schedules, when they ought to be available, and when they prefer not to be.

Your best effort

To do your best work often requires being able to give your complete and undivided attention to the task at hand, not only being free of interruptions, but knowing in advance that you will not be interrupted. The notion that you might be interrupted during a given task might not only impede your productivity, but also might keep you from beginning in the first place.

The most productive members of society, in one way or another, gravitate toward the idea that they must safeguard their work environments and determine in advance how and when they can be reached. These highly productive individuals recognize that working in the face of constant interruptions takes a toll. The loss of focus and concentration, as well as overall productivity, is simply not worth it.

What do the highly productive among us do to stay productive, keep interruptions at bay, and still remain in the communications loop?

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