Smriti Joshi


Texting and patient-centered care

Patients want more convenience. Are you ready to accommodate them?

Tom Clifford, MD


Backstage Support Heroes: Gratitude for those working magic behind the scenes

Rapid credentializations have allowed healthcare professionals to practice across multiple states during the pandemic.

Lillian Phelps


Differentiate your practice with a unique patient-centric approach

Price transparency and consumerism are here to stay. Ensure your practice is as well.

Michael Blackman, MD, MBA


EHRs are vital for effective COVID-19 vaccine campaigns

To ensure a successful roll-out, providers should ensure their EHR supports the vaccination processes.

Vladimir Godin


Making omnichannel work for health care

Health care organizations must make the leap from providing siloed channels of care to putting the consumer in the driver’s seat, with access to a seamless, integrated experience whenever and wherever they need it.

Sean Kelly, MD


Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) saves lives; now more than ever

Best practices to follow to meet regulatory requirements and improve patient care.

Liz Aron


A clinic’s lesson after opening during COVID19

How a high-volume clinic opened during the pandemic by planning for three principal areas of importance.

Jeff Witz, CFP®


Properly titled property may avoid probate

Understanding the different titling options is important so that property can pass to heirs as efficiently as possible.

Diane R. Hazel, JD


Regulators scrutinizing private equity health care investments

Even small deals are drawing greater government interest

Brooke L. Clinebell, RN, BSN, CPN


Patients, providers (and payers)

Here are 11 ways you can, and should, engage in grassroots advocacy for your practice, your patients and yourself.

Sanford V. Teplitzky, JD


CMS approves new group information form under self-referral disclosure protocol

Recently finalized changes to the Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol for physician practices to disclose group practice noncompliance under the Stark Law.

Beth Battaglino, RN-C


Supporting LGBTQ+ patients year-round

Here are some steps healthcare providers can take to better serve LGBTQ patients.

Nele Jessel, MD


Enhancing healthcare through AI

For too long, technology has created burdens for physicians. Here are ways it can become an assistant instead of an annoyance.

Trenholm Ninestein


The best usecases for AI in healthcare

Benefits will come when physicians and health experts begin integrating large language models into practices, hospitals and insurance companies.

Jeremy Hutton


Bending the healthcare cost curve in spite of the crisis

A model for re-focusing on the value stream through your existing resource pool.

Anisha Sood


Direct-to-employer contracting and private practice

When done correctly, doctors become the ‘quarterback’ leading a patient care team.

Scott E. McFarland


Syringe supply shortage could challenge Covid-19 vaccine distribution

A needle-free Covid-19 vaccine delivery option will help ensure greater compliance.

Travis Schneider
Travis Schneider


How effective is your ‘digital front door’? A guide for independent practice owners

Providers must focus on maintaining the interpersonal connection alongside the digital experience.

Rafaël Tarantini


Harnessing RPM’s growth for practice success and patient satisfaction

With adoption on the rise, RPM is set to transform healthcare forever; learn how practices can leverage the technology for unparalleled success

Kai Andrews


Clinical Workforce Engagement: Reducing clinician burnout

If your healthcare organization is serious about retaining and attracting clinicians in the long term, now is the time to take action.

Jordan Kearney


Back to the basics: Post-pandemic enforcement of coding compliance issues

To minimize potential liability for coding compliance issues, providers should go back to the basics, and familiarize themselves with high-risk areas for coding and billing audits and enforcement.

Larry Beresford


Mindfulness, your patients, and you

In addition to helping patients better manage chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions, mindfulness could help physicians manage job stress and burnout.

Ryne Natzke


Why providers need to consider generational differences in the payment process

Generation Z is driving changes to patient engagement and payment.

Yan Chow, MD


Improving physicians' people skills with AI

AI can help physicians refine their people skills to improve care

Samantha Roushan
Samantha Roushan


AI meets population data: Redefining health outcomes by predicting and preventing chronic illnesses

A significant benefit of investment in and adopting responsible AI is its ability to modernize and streamline outdated PA processes.

Stanley A. Cohen, MD


Three strategies for discussing plant-based nutrition with pediatric patients

These diets are gaining traction within the healthcare space.

Jeffrey Bendix


The basics of malpractice insurance

Here are answers to some basic questions about malpractice insurance.

Carrie Rowan


5 easy ways to release negativity and feel better now

Tips to get your mindset on the mend and keep it at a healthy level of optimism.

Leo Petrossian, PhD, MBA


Digital care management transforms the healthcare process

How digital tools connect physicians and patients for better care

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