Aaron Aude


How to curtail clinician burnout in 2024

The high rate of burnout in the healthcare industry can have far-reaching, negative consequences.

John Marchisin


Bad medical debt

Making a cultural shift in terms of patient payments and bad debt isn’t easy, but it helps both those giving and receiving care.

Patrick Dotts
Patrick Dotts


Mitigating healthcare staffing shortages by maximizing your staffing partnership

While contract workers have always served a role in the healthcare field, they have become more prevalent to fill staffing gaps.

Hillit Meidar-Alfi, PhD


Barriers to moving to value-based care

‘Winging it’ is not the right approach when providers integrate social determinants of health into care models.

Tom McElheny, MBA, Ed.D


How to evaluate waiting room furniture

Prioritize safety & comfort when buying waiting room chairs.

Alex Marsh, MD


Rethinking health care delivery through home-health technology advancements

To lessen the strain on our emergency medical systems, we need to amplify our focus on preventive medicine. Home-based health tools and applications, and screening solutions can help us do that.

Natalie Schibell, MPH
Natalie Schibell, MPH


Generative AI's role in elevating patient care and self-management

These new technological tools can help you bridge the health literacy gap.

Steven Abramson


Taking the Risk Out of Full-Risk Contracts

Rapid, flexible care is cost-effective care—even in a pandemic

Jeff Mock


Expert tips to create a concierge-style patient experience

With consumer-driven business models running the show, your existing call-handling systems and protocols are likely not contributing to the patient loyalty you need for a thriving practice.

Ilya Popov


Recent advancements in the medtech market

Technology to consider implementing in your practice

Tim Aumueller


Humanizing patient engagement with one-to-one coaching

Effective coaching delivered virtually must be conversational and personalized to the individual.

Kayla Dresher


Advancing DEI in health care

Overcoming communication challenges and fostering inclusive practices for physicians.

Melissa Hentschel


Standing out through digital payment

A digital payment strategy benefits the patient and streamlines operations

Bob Kieserman


Telemedicine: Working for patients and doctors

Survey suggests greater satisfaction, convenience.

Lianne Eberle
Lianne Eberle


Why the No Surprises Act falls short in improving provider directory accuracy

Regulation fails to address how patients utilize provider directories.

Lisa C. Baker, BSN candidate


Myths of patient experience platforms

As disastrous and horrific as the coronavirus pandemic has been, many good things have come from it too.

Richard Payerchin


Change Healthcare vows to 'fix this'

CEO Witty apologizes for effects of the massive cyberattack, but Senate Finance Committee chair says the company ‘let the country down.’

David Smith


Remote patient monitoring: Benefits and challenges of implementation

RPM has potential to reduce costs and workload, but reimbursement and ease of use obstacles remain

Kevin West


Third-party tools and your healthcare website

There are a myriad of tools available, but practices should still be cautious.

Derek Smith


How physician-owned ASCs can overcome staffing challenges

While staffing shortages are nothing new to the healthcare industry, the pandemic elevated the issue to a critical level.

Sanjeev Agrawal, President & COO of LeanTaaS


Building operational agility

How leaders can turn pandemic resource management lessons into building blocks for future success.

Arnaud Rosier, MD, PhD.


5 Ways AI is different in health care

Health care is one of many sectors poised for AI transformation, but it poses unique challenges, opportunities and considerations

Zach Zettler


How ditching paper and the waiting room can increase patient engagement

Embracing new technology can lead to new heights of patient engagement.

Kimberly Hartsfield


Medicare Advantage's impact on practices

Higher administrative costs hurt providers, but technology can help.

Mike Hawkes


Local marketing tips for small practices

Whether you're new in town or are looking to reinvigorate your established business, having a solid review generation strategy in place can have an enormously positive impact.

Joe Nicholson, DO
Joe Nicholson, DO


Cautious optimism: The future of generative AI in health care

AI is changing everything, but it might not be ready for health care.

Dorothy Steed, RN


Practice tip of the week: Boost reimbursement through improved documentation

Your weekly dose of wisdom from the Physicians Practice experts.

Heidi Moawad, MD


How physicians can give negative feedback

Providing negative feedback is different than discussing a bad prognosis with a patient.

William O’Connor, MD


Providing continuous and effective care under the threat of cyberattacks

Don't let the threat of cyberattacks derail your practice from harnessing the power of technology.

Jackleen Samuel


Telehealth: A lifeline in healthcare deserts

As more Americans lose access to local facilities, technology can help bring high quality care directly to their homes

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