Diane Bartoli


How COVID-19 has accelerated digital disruption in CME

By leveraging mobile-optimized digital learning options to complete CME requirements, physicians can better navigate around busy schedules with a range of CME course lengths and educational formats.

Ryan Rivas, JD


Proper medical charting is critical to protecting against legal risk

While helpful, the increase in electronic patient information creates more opportunity for errors, omissions, or mistakes that can ultimately lead to an unintended patient outcome and subsequent evidence against a provider in a legal proceeding.

Jack Towarnicky


No Surprise Act – The best compliant, strategic approach for employer-sponsored health plan administrators

Transparency is expected to add to medical cost inflation by prompting both in-network and out-of-network providers to increase charges.

Johnny Palares


How to clean your medical office

A clean office is not only necessary for patient health, it's also good for business.

Dan O'Donnel


Making omnichannel work for health care

Health care organizations must make the leap from providing siloed channels of care to putting the consumer in the driver’s seat, with access to a seamless, integrated experience whenever and wherever they need it.

Cindy Dyer


Key Medicare Advantage plan changes practices need to be aware of

Good news on telehealth coding, but lifting of EFRD restrictions will present financial challenges.

Keith Borglum, CHBC


A guide to selling your practice

Not every practice has value, nor does every seller try to sell their practice properly.

Ray Mays


Intentional growth plans can avoid loss of revenue, talent, and patients

Ask yourself: What do I want my practice to do for me?

Jason Sugar, MD


Returning to care in a “Not-Quite-Post Pandemic” world

How will physicians manage the increasing demand as patients return to care without getting burned out in the process?

Christine Marshall, MD, MBA


Tips for treating deaf patients

September is Deaf Awareness Month, these tips will help patients who are deaf have better medical experiences.

David Davari


Keeping staff safe

What to consider and how to proceed when designing workplace violence prevention programs for healthcare facilities.

Michael Dulin, MD, PhD


How analytics helps at the point of care

Unlock the clinical and operational value of data

Rob Rohatsch, MD


3 core drivers of telemedicine success in a hybrid care delivery ecosystem

Like in any ecosystem, the interplay between functions is paramount to success.

Nicole Penn


How to improve your practice’s online presence post-pandemic

Technical advances born from a year in lockdown have made the tools more widely available than ever before.

Pamela Ballou-Nelson


Showing appreciation to support staff

Employee turnover is always a concern, but in economic times like these it often jumps.

Delany Perl, JD


What you need to know to close your practice

Follow these general guidelines to minimize the effects on your patients

Tom Cowen
Tom Cowen


Ins and outs of telehealth contract management

Since Covid-19 began, telehealth usage has exploded, with approximately 80% of doctors now using the service.

Merideth Wilson


The sexy side of revenue cycle management

Healthcare revenue cycle management is experiencing a revolution with the latest automation and remote work trends.

Andy Kumar


5 VBC adoption habits centering on data

Adopting these habits can make your practice's transition to value-based care easier.

Chuck Lee, MD


Increasing health literacy levels in your patient populations

Physicians Practice® spoke with Chuck Lee, MD, about the complications of low patient health literacy levels and how physicians can improve these levels through communications, partnerships, and outreach.



Virtual connections drive clinical efficiency

How embracing change can help you grow a specialty clinic.

Jori Quinlan


Five tips for maximizing peer review privileges in a physician’s practice

Peer review privileges can apply to multiple credentialing, privileging and quality assurance and improvement processes.

Trevor Cabrera, MD


Shifting the mindsight behind how we practice medicine

Like travel nursing, locum tenens encompasses physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who work in temporary assignments around the country.

T. Scott Law Sr., CPA


What's impacting patient experience at your practice?

It takes just one problem or inconvenience to affect the patient’s experience at your practice.

Anna Ohler
Anna Ohler, MBA


Top 7 ways to increase your organization’s online presence

Online presence s the digital footprint that a person or business has established through various online channels.

Mia Finkelston, MD


Making the switch from physical to hybrid care

To successfully transition to hybrid care, physician practices need a cohesive telehealth strategy.

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