Billing Compliance

2021 E/M guideline and leveling changes

August 24, 2020

Why practices should not fear new coding requirements

Beware employer billing and collection liability avoidance

August 19, 2020

Few employers readily assume responsibility in initial contracts — make sure you read the fine print and negotiate.

Covid-19 Legal Risks: Requiring masks at your practice

July 28, 2020

To avoid potential conflict, patients should be provided advance notice of your policy to avoid surprise and embarrassment.

The AI Difference in Revenue Cycle Management

July 16, 2020

Advanced, user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can save clinics $7 billion each year

Collection Law Firms vs. Collection Agencies: What physicians need to consider

July 10, 2020

The differences between the two are important to note in your consideration of your collection strategy

Automating accounts payable

July 06, 2020

How new technology is curing ailments and streamlining processes in one practice’s AP department.

Tis the season for HIPAA settlements

December 17, 2019

As the year ends, this latest HIPAA settlements serve as a reminder of what should be included in 2020’s resolutions.

7 Financial Reports Your Practice Needs to Run

November 15, 2019

Just like your patient's vitals provide you with metrics for treatment plans, financial reports provide you with metrics on the "health" of your practice.

Best practices for secure payment processing

February 25, 2019

Accepting payment via credit card is one way to improve patient collections. But medical practices must take precautions to ensure that their patients’ personal information remains protected.

The dangers of trusting your employees too much

October 19, 2018

Yes, you need to delegate some tasks to employees. But as practice owners and administrators, it’s your responsibility to oversee and double check-not blindly sign your name for a whole lot of trouble.