How medical facilities and waste disposal companies are responding to COVID-19

September 09, 2020

Healthcare facilities and medical waste disposal companies are following strict in-house guidelines, as well as federal and state regulations, to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Bending the healthcare cost curve in spite of the crisis

September 08, 2020

A model for re-focusing on the value stream through your existing resource pool.

My Practice is Being Squeezed by the Local Hospital: Litigation as a last resort

September 04, 2020

Competition is a rough process, but it still has to be fair, which is why antitrust laws were created.

Challenges you’ll face when starting a private medical practice

August 28, 2020

Despite advantages to private practice, fewer physicians are choosing to open their own practice than ever before.

Strategy checklist for medical practice acquisitions

August 26, 2020

If your practice doesn't already have a strategic growth plan, make one

Asset Protection and Physician Family Businesses

August 25, 2020

A bare minimum checklist for your business.

Six considerations for integrating medical transcriptions into your operations

August 12, 2020

Leverage higher-accuracy transcription services to streamline your business operations

Health insurance companies hemorrhaging billions from employer groups, Medicare

August 07, 2020

Physicians: Negotiate your rates. Hold the payers accountable.

Negotiating with a major competing hospital

July 29, 2020

You don’t have to be locked in combat with a hospital; in many instances, it can be beneficial for independent physician groups and hospitals to work together.

Strategic Planning: A lasting competitive advantage

April 22, 2020

Your practice will be better prepared to evolve with market changes, demands, and reform.