Allen Foucht, BSN, RN, CLSSBM


The latest healthcare KPI influencing the experience: Patient alone time

It’s no secret that the longer a patient waits to be seen, the more likely their dissatisfaction for the experience climbs.

Julie A. DeLoia, PhD


Learning is key to success for independent MDs

Programs are now more affordable and time-sensitive; use them to survive market uncertainties.

Karen D. Adinolfi, JD


Navigating employees’ charged behavior in the health care workplace

Health care employers have the obligation to protect their employees and their patients, while also complying with applicable state and federal laws.

Marty Summa


Creating a social media care plan for your medical practice

Social media should be a key part of your practice's marketing strategy.

Justin Tabone


Equipment financing for your practice

Rather than expending all your capital up front to buy the equipment, financing allows you to spread payments over time and free up capital for other business expenses.

Teri Gatchel-Schmidt


Importance of automation in prior authorization for practices

Even in today’s digital climate, some administrative staff in the healthcare industry still perform the prior authorization process manually, which is a considerable burden

Crystal Stanton
Crystal Stanton


How your practice can thrive in a patient-centric health care landscape

For many clinicians, consumerism is a concept that is not very tangible, so practitioners may not know how to fight something that they cannot see, feel, or touch.



Reimbursement for telehealth services

One physician's experience with reimbursement for the telemedicine services her health system uses.

Charles White


Advice for medical students, from a medical student

A medical student shares his advice for medical student hopefuls.

Peter Y. Hahn, MD
Peter Y. Hahn, MD


6 Ways to curb physician burnout

Physicians must lead a team effort to generate support at every level of the organization.

Khalid Al-Maskari


7 Ways an EHR can reduce medical errors

The need for integrated patient care to help reduce medical errors, a $20B plague for U.S.

Taylor Chenery


Telehealth fraud and abuse enforcement efforts unlikely to taper

The history of government healthcare fraud and abuse enforcement efforts teaches one unassailable lesson: increased utilization inevitably leads to increased government scrutiny.

Satish Srinivasan, MS


Cash is king when overcoming health care barriers

Cash-based health care is a win-win for vulnerable groups and primary care providers.

Molly Maloof, MD


Retain more patients with these four tips

These four tips can make current patients long-term ones.

Craig Escudé, MD


Good communication, better outcomes

Why this is especially true for patients with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Stuart Staggs


Preparation for appropriate use criteria is key to success

If providers fail to follow these new rules, claims will be denied, and eventually, those who are outliers on adherence to appropriate use criteria will be subject to prior authorization.

Rich Parker, MD


3 Considerations for vaccinating young patients against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has injected a new level of controversy into childhood vaccinations.

Nick Rubright


10 Ways to protect your practice from a data breach

Healthcare records and data contain sensitive information, making them a prime target for cybercriminals. Learn how to protect your practice from a data breach.

Jolie Apicella, JD


Telehealth fraud risks

During and after the COVID-19 public health emergency, expect vigilance by federal regulators.

Samantha Saldukas


Reduce risk through online training

Access leading experts at a fraction of the cost.

Kate Othus


Building the next generation of doctors

We can turn the tide on job dissatisfaction trends plaguing physicians and doctors will once again tell their sons and daughters about the great opportunities that lie ahead.

H. John Beardsley


3 Points where patients need help with their medication

Studies consistently show patients’ health outcomes are connected to their ability to access, afford and adhere to their medications.

Clarissa Riggins | Courtesy of Experian Health
Clarissa Riggins


How to put your collections department out of business

Reframing collections as a continual process can minimize bad debt.

Ben Soccodato, CFP


Exit plans: Buy-sell agreement guide

Creating a strategic exit plan from your practice is an important step that many physicians put off.

Kerry Bailey


5 Tips to boost practice referrals

Digital referral systems are revolutionizing practice outreach.

Pete Perron


How to ensure a viable future for community-based specialty practices

Trying to succeed with little help is probably not the most effective way forward.

Thomas Cunningham


Why independent physicians are seeking strategic partners

Independent physicians are looking to maintain their independence and clinical autonomy.

Kristen Matthews
Kristen Matthews


The healthcare marketing landscape in 2023

The new normal is no longer new.

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