Michael Bannon


As private equity scrutiny Increases, physicians consider ESOPs as liquidity alternatives

While private equity investments in health care are on the rise, the pitfalls are coming into focus.

Lainie Conley


Making omnichannel work for health care

Health care organizations must make the leap from providing siloed channels of care to putting the consumer in the driver’s seat, with access to a seamless, integrated experience whenever and wherever they need it.

Jonas Goldstein, Vice President of Strategy and Product at Vim


Lowering the “risk” in risk sharing

Recent trends provide insights into how next-generation support models might help independent providers take part in risk-sharing contracts.

Matthew Laukaitis


Healthcare ‘time capsule’ chronicles technology progress

Remembering the experiences of a legacy of medical professionals raises sharp contrasts between healthcare experiences from the past and the whirlwind of changes underway due to COVID.

Inga Shugalo


How to choose medical software for your practice

Selecting the best software can be the key to unlocking your practice's potential.

Leo P. Langlois, MD


Overcoming the top EHR implementation challenges

Only when you experiment with different approaches and are willing to embrace change, will you be able to come up with a solution that meets the needs of your practice.

Mark Leenay, MD


Social determinants of health and your patients

The conditions in which people live, learn, work, and play that can affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes.

Lee Allen


Health insurance companies hemorrhaging billions from employer groups, Medicare

Physicians: Negotiate your rates. Hold the payers accountable.

Ethan Nkana, JD, MBA


Five contract areas doctors shouldn’t overlook

Keep on eye on these areas to avoid major financial and professional consequences.

John Gonda


Telehealth proving to be game changer for FQHCs

For many Federally Qualified Health Centers telehealth services have been crucial to being able to continue to provide care during this time.

Carolynn S. Francavilla Brown MD, FOMA, ABOM


Don't be scared of starting a practice

Here are some tips for starting your own practice and setting yourself — and your patients — up for success from the get-go.

Joseph Keillor, JD


CMS approves new group information form under self-referral disclosure protocol

Recently finalized changes to the Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol for physician practices to disclose group practice noncompliance under the Stark Law.

Craig Blanchfield, CFA


Planning beyond inflation

Positioning your portfolio for price stability and growth

Nisha Basu, MD, MPH


How primary care can survive

Primary care is inefficient, inconvenient, and often inaccessible, optimized neither for patient experience nor positive outcomes.

Matt Dickson


Four essential components for your vaccine rollout strategy

Create a plan to drive patient access, action, and adherence.

Elizabeth A. Delahoussaye, RHIA, CHPS
Elizabeth A. Delahoussaye, RHIA, CHPS


The OCR: Friend not foe

A call from the OCR isn't necessarily something to dread.

Aimee Heckman, CPB, CPPM


Patient engagement is the first step in getting paid

Patient engagement begins by recognizing that greater responsibility for payment has also led to greater expectation and choice on the part of patients.

Ron Southwick


HIMSS23: Microsoft, Epic announce AI EHR integration

The two companies announced the expansion of their work together, and a few hospitals are already using a new solution involving artificial intelligence.

Willy Leichter


3 steps to protect your practice from ransomware

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare organizations are scrambling to not only protect their patients' lives, but their data and privacy as well.

Christopher Mann


Top 4 tips for succession planning

Positioning yourself and your practice for a smooth transition takes time and thoughtful planning.

James Monroe, PhD


Combating Burnout in Frontline Workers: The clinical case for resilience training

Utilizing a resilience training program in times of high stress that integrates leading intervention strategies can harness the brain’s complex ability to change its response to stressors, to recover more quickly from stress, and to build resilience.

Abdul J. Roberts, Esq.


Preparing for a coding audit: A guide for physicians

Trends in medical audits and what physicians can expect.

Matt Lee


Where manual medical coding falls short

Manual coding is slow, inaccurate, and cost inflexible.

Jim Brady
Jim Brady


Section 179 for medical practices

What to know about the tax cut and how to take advantage of its benefits.

Nick Cherukuri


Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Physicians Practice® spoke with Nick Cherukuri, the CEO and Founder of ThirdEye Gen, to discuss the potential new application of a visual technology to the world of healthcare.

Ryan Camlin


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