Mia Finkelston, MD


Making the switch from physical to hybrid care

To successfully transition to hybrid care, physician practices need a cohesive telehealth strategy.

Omar Manejwala, MD


Hyper-personalized digital interventions improve outcomes

New study links digital to behavior change and diabetes outcomes

Curtis Gattis


RTA: A metric for value-based care

How a high "Referral-to-Appointment” benefits everyone by scheduling patients and supporting the current and future healthcare ecosystems.

Rebecca Grossman


Streamlined billing improves overall wellness for patients and physicians

Investing in digital solutions can automate administrative processes and elevate the patient experience.

Jonathan Wiesen, MD


Specialty telemedicine for independent practices

Physicians Practice® spoke with Dr. Jonathan Wisen, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of MediOrbis, about specialty telemedicine for the treatment of chronic conditions and how these technologies can improve a practice's offerings and patient outcomes.

Connor O. Duffy


Second Circuit affirms HHS rejection of direct copayment assistance under anti-kickback statute

The decision addressed a proposed direct copayment assistance program of a pharmaceutical manufacturer which sought to help patients pay for an expensive drug.

Tom Dougherty, FACHE


Overcoming the data hurdles impeding medical management and risk

The lack of useful claims data from payers can present a major stumbling block to taking on medical management and risk. Practices can get the information they need with a health analytics partner.

David Cohen


Planning for the best RCM strategy in 2021

What practices should be planning for to make the best RCM strategy this year, from David Cohen, chief product and technology officer of Greenway Health.

Richard F. Cahill, JD


What your practice can do about medication safety

With the right medication management, physicians can make a difference

Andy Swanson, MPA, CMPE


Five necessary steps to address professional burnout in healthcare

Burnout can be mitigated with a process that mirrors the methodology used to diagnose and care for patients.

Kelli Sullivan


Reopening Facilities After COVID-19: Strategies for mitigating risk

Now that some states are beginning to open up public spaces, what should nursing homes and assisted living facilities do to mitigate their risk for lawsuits going forward?

Stuart Long


Enhance cardiac patient monitoring while streamlining practice workflow

Fortunately, practices are acknowledging that introducing technology alternatives is easier than anticipated and actually streamlines the process and enhances patient outcomes.

Brendan Crotty


4 Key payment trends impacting physician practices

Reducing manual processes can result in increased revenue while freeing up staff.

Amit Jayakar
Amit Jayakar


Using medical coding to reduce claim denials

When employees are unsupported, overwhelmed, and struggling to stay up-to-date on the latest rules, mistakes are bound to happen.

Emad Rizk, MD


Technology and best practices available for value-based care strategies

The tools and technology available to help independent practices make the most out of their value-based care strategies.

Gidi Stein, MD


Physician burnout, COVID-19, and the patient safety challenge

The pandemic has placed greater burdens on physicians, providers, and staff.

Cedric Matthews, MD


How medical facilities and waste disposal companies are responding to COVID-19

Healthcare facilities and medical waste disposal companies are following strict in-house guidelines, as well as federal and state regulations, to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Melissa Powell


Versatility in healthcare leadership styles: There is no one-size-fits-all approach

By utilizing a variety of leadership styles, healthcare managers can approach management and leadership in diverse ways to relate to, interact with, and motivate their teams.

Lakiea Wright, MD, MAT, MPH


Treating asthmatic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Barriers physicians should be aware of and solutions for achieving optimal asthma control.

Matt Rolfes


RPA's enormous potential in the future of revenue cycle

RPA could emerge as one targeted solution that could help financial executives maintain a healthy bottom line.

Jonathan Yarbrough


Bullies in your practice

For many in healthcare, words and actions can be harmful, and in some instances can lead to jury awards in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Jay Ripton


Why healthcare organizations need to invest in application rationalization

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of life at breakneck speed especially in healthcare.

Jonathan Moss, MBA, FHFMA
Jonathan Moss, MBA, FHFMA


Navigating inflation’s impact on healthcare affordability

Skyrocketing out-of-pocket healthcare costs and unexpected medical expenses are outpacing inflationary pressures which have already decimated the budgets of many American families.

Brendon Dagg


An effective communication strategy can improve practice efficiencies

With an effective communication strategy administrative burden won't be an obstacle to quality care.

Max Schloemann


Why every medical practice should prioritize billing and coding oversight

Miscoding and fraudulent billing can destroy a medical practice. Use these tips to get robust oversight of your medical billing and coding in place.

Keith Algozzine
Keith Algozzine


Digital health hedges against growing expenses for employers and employees

Benefits that include access to digital health save employers money and empower employees to take charge of their health.

Anthony Martinez | © Clearwater
Anthony Martinez


Building a scalable cybersecurity program for physicians

Protecting patient data across sprawling platforms, hardware, and applications can be incredibly difficult.

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