Coding & Documentation

Coding Q&A: Remote examinations

A generalized checklist for your planning.

The End of an Era: Closing your practice

June 12, 2020

Closing a practice for retirement is a hard decision as it is-here are tips to make closing your doors smoother.

A physician details his own battle with COVID-19

May 07, 2020

How his experience contracting and recovering from the disease has shaped his perspective.

Coding during the Coronavirus pandemic

March 18, 2020

Remote visits and online E&M services.

Q&A: Medicare screening changes and new E/M service codes

March 06, 2020

Why has Medicare separated depression and alcohol screenings, and will patients incur cost-sharing with new patient portal E&M codes?

2020 Industry Pulse Report: Alignments and Asymmetries

February 14, 2020

Top 5 takeaways and predictions for healthcare

Q&A: Chronic Care management and consult requirements

February 07, 2020

Documents required for Chronic Care management code 99490 and fulfilling the consult requirement.

Preparing for a coding and billing audit

February 06, 2020

Most audits concern outpatient visits.

New 2020 HIT regulations: is the patient's story heard?

February 03, 2020

CMS rules to simplify E/M coding and reemphasize patient narrative.

HHS’ revisions could add value and reduce burden

January 16, 2020

Four new exceptions and four new safe harbors proposed.