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Revolutionizing healthcare efficiency through automated coding solutions

April 2nd 2024

Even while other industries made the digital transition, clipboards and paper forms were still common sites in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices

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Denials, coding, prior auths, and your revenue cycle

March 29th 2024

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AMA considering big expansion of remote patient monitoring CPT codes

March 19th 2024

3 Ways coding automationcan help a practice
3 Ways coding automation can help a practice

February 27th 2024

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The problem with duplicate and mismatched patient records

January 12th 2024

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April 18-19, 2024

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Advancing Care in Erosive Esophagitis: Towards a Path of Complete Healing

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Shaping the Management of COPD with Biologic Therapy

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Elevating Care for PAH: Applying Recommended Management Approaches to Maximize Outcomes

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Clinical Consultations™: Managing Depressive Episodes in Patients with Bipolar Disorder Type II

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Medical Crossfire®: Understanding the Advances in Bipolar Disease Treatment—A Comprehensive Look at Treatment Selection Strategies

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'REEL’ Time Patient Counseling: The Diagnostic and Treatment Journey for Patients With Bipolar Disorder Type II – From Primary to Specialty Care

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‘REEL’ Time Patient Counseling™: Navigating the Complex Journey of Diagnosing and Managing Fabry Disease

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Clinical ShowCase™: Finding the Best Path Forward for Patients with COPD

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Expert Illustrations & Commentaries™: Envisioning Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Managing ANCA-associated Vasculitis

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Expert Illustrations & Commentaries™: Exploring the Role of Novel Agents for the Management of IgA Nephropathy

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Patient, Provider & Caregiver Connection™: Implementing an Effective Management Plan to Improve Outcomes in IgA Nephropathy

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