Patient Dismissal

Procedures for patient discharges

June 29, 2018

When patient discharges are necessary, here are some considerations on how to release patients with compassion and care.

8 Ways to Deal with Difficult Patients

January 18, 2018

Whether your patient is angry or manipulative, there are certain ways to deal with them. Here are eight strategies to employ.

Dealing with All Kinds of Problem Patients

July 31, 2017

All patients bleed red and will likely pay in green, but physicians have to make sure to watch out for themselves.

10 Tips on Dealing with Problem Patients at Your Practice

January 19, 2017

Every doctor wants to see the best in their patients, but the truth is some will cause you trouble. Here are tips to deal with problem patients.

The Why and How of Dismissing a Patient

January 18, 2017

Enough is enough, you are ready to dismiss a patient. What are the right reasons to do so and what actions can you take?

When a Patient Gets On Your Nerves

September 15, 2016

Should you apologize for becoming frustrated with a patient? The Civility CEO weighs in on this and more.

The Problems with Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Advertising

August 01, 2016

While there may be a benefit to pharmaceutical companies advertising to consumers directly, this doctor sees too many problems with it.

Discharging Problem Patients the Right Way

May 04, 2016

Discharging a patient from your practice can be a difficult decision. However, if done the right way, your practice will be better for it.

Dealing with the Aggressive Patient

January 06, 2016

What should you do when a patient becomes difficult during an office visit? Trust your instincts on the safety of patients and staff, and have a plan.

A Physician's Perspective: Parents Who Refuse to Vaccinate

January 19, 2015

We accept patients whose parents refuse to vaccinate them into our practice, but it's not an easy road, and it's not an easy decision.