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Backstage Support Heroes: Gratitude for those working magic behind the scenes

July 30, 2020

ByTom Clifford, MD

Rapid credentializations have allowed healthcare professionals to practice across multiple states during the pandemic.

Negotiating with a major competing hospital

July 29, 2020

ByGeorge M. Sanders, JD

You don’t have to be locked in combat with a hospital; in many instances, it can be beneficial for independent physician groups and hospitals to work together.

PPE composition: Variations matter

July 29, 2020

ByAaron Smith

Not all PPE materials are created equal and compensation will change how you use this equipment in your workplace.

Covid-19 Legal Risks: Requiring masks at your practice

July 28, 2020

ByIke Devji, JD

To avoid potential conflict, patients should be provided advance notice of your policy to avoid surprise and embarrassment.

Masks and Your Practice: Policies that work, set expectations, and reduce conflict

July 28, 2020

ByIke Devji, JD|Logan Lutton

Mask policies that may increase compliance and reduce risk and conflict.

Healthcare data sharing needs a major overhaul

July 24, 2020

ByDavid Lee

The healthcare ecosystem exhibits a clear void in efficient data and file sharing technology

Class action lawsuits can result from a protected health information data breach

July 23, 2020

ByRachel V. Rose, JD, MBA

Two recent cases, one settled and one just filed, are illustrative of the effects of class actions, which are filed in relation to an underlying data breach involving PHI.

Traps to avoid with physician practice mergers

July 22, 2020

ByNick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE

If you are a physician practice owner who is considering a merger at some point, it is vital to learn more about this process early in the game.

How email marketing can help collect delinquent medical payments

July 22, 2020

ByHoala Greevy

A fast and cost-efficient way to inform people about what they owe.

Prepare for patients who refuse to wear a mask in your practice

July 21, 2020

ByEricka L. Adler, JD

Recommendations for every practice to consider.