Billing & Collections

Collection Law Firms vs Collection Agencies

The differences between the two are important to note in your consideration of your collection strategy.

Health insurance companies hemorrhaging billions from employer groups, Medicare

August 07, 2020

ByLee Allen

Physicians: Negotiate your rates. Hold the payers accountable.

Bringing normalcy back to elective hospital procedures

August 03, 2020

ByBruce Kennedy

Elective surgeries are the lifeblood of hospitals and health systems, accounting for 60% of total hospital revenue.

Covid-19 Legal Risks: Requiring masks at your practice

July 28, 2020

ByIke Devji, JD

To avoid potential conflict, patients should be provided advance notice of your policy to avoid surprise and embarrassment.

Reopening elective surgeries after COVID19

July 28, 2020

ByDavid Cohen

As you map out your practice's reopening plan, it’s important that it continues to prioritize patient care.

How email marketing can help collect delinquent medical payments

July 22, 2020

ByHoala Greevy

A fast and cost-efficient way to inform people about what they owe.

Protecting revenue and patient relationships during the pandemic

July 21, 2020

ByLaurie Morgan

For patients who are struggling financially, or are simply anxious about money, anything but urgent health concerns may be pushed to the back burner.

The AI Difference in Revenue Cycle Management

July 16, 2020

ByKhalid Al-Maskari

Advanced, user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can save clinics $7 billion each year

Succeed with an EHR-agnostic revenue cycle platform post-COVID19

July 13, 2020

ByRichard Lopez

Align with consumer demands for optimal patient experiences and operational efficiencies.

Untangling telehealth billing

July 08, 2020

ByPamela Ograbisz, DNP, FNP-BC |Ryan Bush

Billing for telemedicine services doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you understand a few key concepts and take advantage of your available resources.

Automating accounts payable

July 06, 2020

ByZachary Kulow

How new technology is curing ailments and streamlining processes in one practice’s AP department.