Staffing & Salary

5 ways to reengage patients in the COVID19 era

July 31, 2020

ByJaci Haack

It is critical to provide crystal clear communications along every step, including where they should park and how to check-in upon arrival.

Backstage Support Heroes: Gratitude for those working magic behind the scenes

July 30, 2020

ByTom Clifford, MD

Rapid credentializations have allowed healthcare professionals to practice across multiple states during the pandemic.

Negotiating with a major competing hospital

July 29, 2020

ByGeorge M. Sanders, JD

You don’t have to be locked in combat with a hospital; in many instances, it can be beneficial for independent physician groups and hospitals to work together.

PPE composition: Variations matter

July 29, 2020

ByAaron Smith

Not all PPE materials are created equal and compensation will change how you use this equipment in your workplace.

Reopening elective surgeries after COVID19

July 28, 2020

ByDavid Cohen

As you map out your practice's reopening plan, it’s important that it continues to prioritize patient care.

Ensuring a smooth ‘Go-Live’ process in the COVID-19 era

July 23, 2020

ByElaine Gillespie

Moving charting software implementation out of the testing phase and into reality does not have to be a high-stress event.

The pros and cons of private practice versus hospital employment

July 20, 2020

ByGregory Mertz|Logan Lutton

What physicians should consider when choosing their path.

The health disparities of systemic racism

July 15, 2020

ByColin Zhu, DO

Systemic racism is also a public health issue.

Reopening Facilities After COVID-19: Strategies for mitigating risk

July 15, 2020

ByKelli Sullivan

Now that some states are beginning to open up public spaces, what should nursing homes and assisted living facilities do to mitigate their risk for lawsuits going forward?

Could the 529 be the holy grail of asset protection?

July 14, 2020

ByJulianne F. Andrews, MBA, CFP, AIF

The basics of a diversified asset protection plan.